Customer Feedback – Leveraging the Negative

by Margaret Wood 7/21/2017

How important is it getting customer feedback? 

How do you approach receiving and leveraging customer feedback?

Getting the feedback is one thing – using customer feedback and embracing it is another. Research shows this to be a very under-utilized practice.  Successful companies know that, for brand retention and brand loyalty, listening to customer feedback, acknowledging customers and answering them in a public forum, as well as in a private setting is vital.

Customer service is a key element of marketing and is regarded as one of the most Top 10 Aquariums around the world  components in today’s marketing platforms. To meet with success is to deliver customer experiences that make an impact.

Too many organizations have compartmentalized their business processes, operating within a disconnected culture. As more and more companies adopt “silo” platforms, a split ,  the focus of serving the needs of the customers.

How often do you talk to people in one department that don’t understand or are not aware of what is going on in (what should  be other logically connected) departments? This creates a void and lack of understanding of what’s happening in other departments that may have shared responsibilities, ultimately creating a disconnect in customer service.

Pay closer attention: By addressing this one internal issue, you could potentially provide your company with a competitive advantage.

Embracing negative customer feedback

  • Can help you zero in and close those gaps
  • Help you increase customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Lead to brand loyalty and brand advocacy

What Negative Customer Feedback Can Do for You

Smaller businesses have an advantage over larger operations: they can react more quickly and implement changes much more quickly than their larger counterparts.

That is a major competitive advantage.  By paying attention to negative customer feedback, and deploying the necessary changes quickly , you can gain an even bigger advantage over your competition, helping you win a market share in your niche.

Timing and speed are critical. Leveraging negative customer feedback and responding in timely manner within a public forum may even generate new business for you!



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