Freelance Author

My professional career has been and continues to be in HR & Accounting Management, although now I am considered more of an HR Guru . I have also  had the good fortune of owning and operating 13 different businesses, some of which were hands-on and some as an absentee owner. I have met with success and have failed miserably – each time, taking away something important,  learning something every step of the way…

Many hours were spent in war rooms and board rooms, strategizing, conceiving and planning for the execution of new programs and ideas. As part of these teams,  I continue to participate  in the writing and rewriting of action plans, policies and procedures.

These documents need to communicate effectively – unclear communication is not an option.  I have to reach a myriad of employees, as well as work across gender, ethnic and generational lines. As an avid reader, these tasks offer me opportunities in proofreading and editing,  sharpening and honing my communication and writing skills.

Expanding on these skills as a free spirit, I decided to explore my potential as a freelance writer.  It has now been over 3 years since  I decided to take myself a little more seriously on this journey and am happy to say that I have met with much  success.

As a ghostwriter for 9 e-zines as well as a content, blogger and ghostwriter, for several websites, I have written over 7000 articles that span the globe, ranging from content writing for 4 large websites,  articles on the real estate market from Spain to Australia, the economic crisis in Greece, attracting business to Abu Dhabi,   Broadway play reviews,  China’s booming cosmetic markets, how the local Cubans view the upcoming changes,  blogs, news, buzz topics,  product reviews, academic reviews and Holiday DIY  posts; my articles and  stories cast a wide net.

I hope you enjoy the collection of articles I have gathered here.  Thank you for visiting!

All the Best,

M. Wood


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