Some of the worst advice given to Millennials

Here is some of the worst advice currently being given to Millennials


Here are the seven pieces of advice that I HATE hearing people give to Millennials. Top of the list: Work harder you lazy punk!

What is the worst advice being given to Millennials?

Here are the 7 pieces of advice that I HATE hearing people give Millennials.

1. Work harder you lazy punk!

Despite popular belief, most Millennials aren’t entitled, lazy, or stupid.

In fact, to the contrary, they work way too hard.

I know dozens of guys in their mid-20’s who are literally working away the best decade of their life because they want to be a #hustler and achieve financial freedom.

While there’s nothing wrong with working hard, you shouldn’t sacrifice your quality of life for a big paycheck.

Enjoy your 20’s. Work hard. But LIVE too.

No …

You don’t need to figure out what you want to do with your life yet.

You have more options than your parents did and exponentially more options than your grandparents could have dreamed of, so they can shove it if they think they have the right to tell you to “Hurry it up and make up your mind already.”

Embrace slowness.

Try out dozens of different career paths and figure out what you like.

Honestly, your 20’s are for throwing crap at the wall and seeing what you like.

It’s not for figuring yourself out anymore.

3. Go to college and get into debt for your “future”

College is largely a waste of time.

Unless you have your sights set on a career in finance, medicine, or law, you don’t need a degree and going into $50,000–$100,000 of debt for a Liberal Arts degree is the dumbest thing you can do.

Go find a job working for a company that you like.

If you can’t find a job, then go MAKE one.

Show up and just start doing stuff, ask if you can help out without getting paid. Eventually, someone will offer you something.

Don’t be afraid to eat sh-t for a few years so that you can eat like a king for the rest of your life. College is a waste of time, but education isn’t.

4. Your 30s are your new 20s

No … They’re not.

Even though I don’t think you should have your entire life figured out in your 20s, you need to be building a strong foundation for your future.

It’s ok to party a little and goof around, but you need to take your time and your life SERIOUSLY.

DO NOT waste your 20s playing video games and drinking yourself into oblivion.

That’s a one-way ticket to a life of regret.

Work hard, build good habits, educate yourself massively, just don’t put too much pressure on yourself to actually achieve ‘success’ or ‘find yourself’ yet. If you play your 20s right then you will get those rewards in your early 30s.

5. You guys should just get married already!

Let’s see …

The divorce rates are skyrocketing, more people than ever report being unhappy in their marriages, divorce will cost you half of your net worth (if you’re a man), and will probably leave you with trust issues and all sorts of other problems.

… But yeah, let’s encourage naive 20-somethings who have never been in a REAL relationship to jump the gun and just get married.

That sounds like a GREAT idea.

In case you couldn’t hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice, I do NOT encourage Millennials to get married young.

I know that everyone is putting pressure on you to get hitched and you think it will be the best idea ever … But just delay gratification and give your brain (and bank account and personality) a chance to mature before you make a life-altering decision like marriage.


6. The job market is competitive!

Sure, the job market is competitive. For people who want to work for sh!##* corporations and established “Old Money” businesses.

But if you want to get involved with the new rich? It’s easier today than ever before.

My Director of Content started working with me when he was 17. He didn’t have a college degree (or even a high school degree). But he was a good writer, and he just kept pestering me until I eventually got on the phone with him, and he pitched his services for free.

The fishing is best where the fewest go.

So stop trying to get a job in the competitive markets and instead be willing to eat crap for a few months or years proving yourself at a startup or small business.

You’ll quickly become indispensable and earn whatever you want.

7. You can sleep when you’re dead


Sleep deprivation is literally killing our society and costs the economy more than $400 billion in lost productivity each year.

Quit glorifying sleep deprivation and espousing ignorant ideas.

Sleep is freaking important so stop vilifying Millennials for prioritizing sleep.

If you aren’t getting 8 hours a night, you are leaving productivity and performance on the table.

Ignore your grandparents and get your zzzz’s.

You’ll be glad that you did.




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