Leadership Qualities: Which of These 5 Leadership Attributes Do You Possess?

Posted by Monica Molstad Baresh on Tuesday, 04-03-2012 3:37 pm
Some people are natural followers, some natural leaders. However, the best leaders come from people that can and have followed with a great desire to lead. They acquire knowledge from a leader or mentor, and then use that knowledge, in their own way, to become leaders themselves.

Leadership Attribute #1: You Welcome Cooperation.

All good leaders cooperate in some way or another. Negotiation – sure. Recommendations and input from others – most definitely. Solo decisions without the cooperation of others – most definitely not. That would be called dictatorship. It is always best if you can surround yourself with others that can provide input before you make a decision. You do not have to do it alone – nor should you!

Leadership Attribute #2: You Make Unwavering Decisions.

After cooperating with the team, it is time to make a decision. Once this decision is made, you need to stick with it and make it happen. Wishy- washy is not a term that should be used to describe you!

Leadership Attribute #3: You Take Full Responsibility.

Have you ever been blamed for something you did not do? Well, a good leader accepts that as part of being a leader. It is, most likely, the team or one of its members that made the mistake. Regardless of who made the mistake, a good leader will take the hit for the team, learn from the experience so it is not repeated, make necessary adjustments and move on. That’s it. Sounds a lot like the “grow” and adjust the “manage” part of The IMAGE Success System, doesn’t it??

Leadership Attribute #4: You Are Fair.

We’ve all heard it before – people saying that life isn’t fair. While you may not have control over the world as a whole, you do have the capability to control the fairness of your actions with your team. If your team does not believe you are fair, their respect is lost – as is your influence. This doesn’t mean you have to make everyone happy all of the time. Sometimes what is fair is not the best for all. Being fair means that your decisions are impartial and unprejudiced.

Leadership Attribute #5: Doing More Than Expected.

Don’t expect your team or someone else to do something you are not willing to do yourself. Actually, a good leader will do MORE than what is expected. Lead by example!

Which of these attributes do you have? Be proud of the ones you possess and strive to incorporate the other attributes into what defines you as a leader!


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