Author: Margaret Wood 5/17/2014

Getting Results

What is discipline?  As discipline strategist Rory Vaden, states in his new book Procrastinate on Purposeit is, “doing the things we know we should be doing even we don’t feel like doing them.”

Successful people have one trait in common: they make it habit of doing what needs to be done, not merely what they enjoy working on. He goes on to say that by engaging in hard work now, the payoff is achieving the results they intended. Dedication pays off–there is no instant gratification.

Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacles

The biggest obstacles to overcome come from wthin, from inside our own heads, not from outside impetus, distractions or annoyances.

In his book, Vaden has shared three approaches to turning things around.

  1. Get your brain to cooperate: “Our brain is not programmed for success. It’s programmed for survival,” Vaden explains. Our brains have to be taught to stretch in order to succeed in ignoring distractions. Our brains may even tempt us to be lazy and seek shortcuts. It is through understanding this that we can work to overcome it and succeed. How, you ask? By reprogramming your brain.
  2. Reprogram your brain? Yes, reprogram your brain.  The human brain is not predisposed to true or false. It only learns whatever it is told over time. Reprogramming will involve repetition of what you think should matter most to you; you will have to intentionally change through affirmations and self-persuasion.
  3. Willpower-Making it Happen Finding the willpower and discipline to do what it takes to succeed is exhausting! Vaden warns that positing such a question is a mental trap,  By refocusing your willpower, you will be able to concentrate on goals; focus on the brass ring. The lack of vision is the culprit to a lack in discipline .