Effective Solutions for Hiring and Managing Remote Development Teams 

Remote development teams—the new face of employment

You may need to rethink your management approach if you are tagged with managing a dedicated remote development team that is 2,000 miles away.

For managers, tracking progress on remote development teams, keeping them engaged and productive, and navigating time zones while running an organization are challenging. Hiring vetted top developers from reputable providers simplifies hiring and automates many of the associated processes, allowing you to direct your focus elsewhere.

Once you’ve hired your remote development teams, it’s time to get both sides of the house working together. Here we’ve assembled some comprehensive guidelines and tips to help you manage your in-house and remote development teams more efficiently.

 Improving engagement and productivity

·        Structure is essential: following protocol is vital. Leadership must be open and demonstrate understanding, compassion, resilience, and support. Focus on engagement. Conveying these traits remotely can be challenging; it may require some ingenuity.

·        Compassion and understanding 

  •  Consider what your teams can contribute; acknowledge their accomplishments, expertise, experience, and skills. 
  •  Support your team members individually and as a team
  •  Outcomes over activity; their work should speak for itself.

·        Communicate—The best way to establish a smooth working process is by providing precise tasks.

  •  Create clear project guidelines; clarity is essential for remote workers 
  •  To form a cohesive unit, discuss your expectations so your team can start developing your product sooner and provide a more precise quote when they have a clear project vision.
  •  Discuss how you plan to manage projects – remain transparent. 

·        Be proactive: Remember, your teams are people first. Your support is essential.

·        Collaborate— Fostering ownership and minimizing miscommunication will organically build a more robust culture. Find agreements and resolutions from within the teams. Solve that which can be solved–your team will appreciate you all staying at peak performance.

· Multi-channel communications are important

  •  Every type of e-communication has its place— help your teams understand when it’s appropriate for each one. 
  •  Encourage info-sharing among the teams. 
  •  Respond promptly to emails from your project manager.

·        People embrace different communication methods—ensure there are multiple channels available. 

·        Public recognition is a powerful morale booster. Your remote development teams are motivated when they feel that their contributions are making a difference; recognize them in a public forum.

·        Track progress

  •  Set clear expectations and goals; ensure the team understands your strategy.
  •  Have team members provide work schedules with tasks and due dates.
  •  Keep all workers accountable, productive, efficient, and satisfied. 

·        Cultivate and encourage independence

  • Avoid micromanagement; ask for your team member’s input.

·        Use apps with checklists, templates, and flow charts to organize and facilitate collaboration.

·        Set weekly meetings (15-30 minutes) with your development teams-ensure all developer team members attend

  •  Address issues openly to find a resolution.
  •  Discuss work-related issues quickly, then get back to work.
  •  Set up one-on-one face time for those not comfortable discussing sensitive issues in a group setting to clear the air.
  •  Leverage face-to-face meetings

·        Encourage consensus decision-making

  • It brings more value to the development team’s culture, creating a favorable atmosphere within the group

·        Patience and empathy— Develop strategies to best deal with each team member; change is easier for some. 

· Problem-solving

  • Occasional disagreements among teams or team members are inevitable. The key is to ensure they are adequately addressed and resolved promptly. 
  • As leadership, consistently monitoring the team atmosphere and acting as a mediator whenever the need arises helps maintain a healthy environment. 

Hiring vetted remote developers from trusted online talent acquisition platforms 

A talent acquisition industry leader helps startup founders and forward-thinking companies looking to hire remote developers to find, engage, and manage the best-vetted top developers from around the world. We provide the most effective solutions for hiring and managing remote DevOps teams.

Additionally, the talent acquisition industry helps you hire from a platform of thoroughly vetted developers to build your DevOps teams quickly and efficiently, providing remote-ready talent and making it hassle-free.

Qualified candidates should be self-organized and dedicated, demonstrate above-average self-motivation levels, and possess the desired soft skills to work independently. These would include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Independent and self-motivated
  • Organized and reliable

Top developers worldwide are dedicated to your project and committed to helping you grow and move your organization forward. 

Most platforms include:

  • Fast-track hiring and delivers intelligently matched talent within 72 hours.
  • Clients can hire vetted remote developers effortlessly with zero upfront hiring or placement fees.
  • Automated payments and remote team management let clients focus on growth.


Simply put, the talent acquisition industry makes it easy to access the world’s talent at scale – all through an automated, data-driven talent platform. Why not get the talent you need when you need it?

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