Biology does not a father make. Thank you for sharing such intimate thoughts…hopefully others will find the inspiration in your wisdom.

Phoenix Arising

For most people Father’s Day is a time of joy, laughter, togetherness, and love.

For most people Father’s Day is handmade cards and gifts, tight hugs and heartfelt words.

For most people it is a day to remember a person who shaped them into who they are, who loved even the most unlovable parts of them, who bore every step of the journey with them, who celebrated their triumphs and shared in their trials.

For most people smiles are wide and hearts are filled with the greatest feelings.

But what happens when your “father” is not a person you want to celebrate?

But what happens when your “knight in shining armor” was just a jerk in tinfoil?

But what happens when your “father” was not a father?

But what happens when rather than being a day of joy this day is a day of pain; a day of wounds reopened…

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